Terrified students have been sharing stories of the dramatic events overnight as fire broke out at the Cube six storey flats near to the centre of Bolton

Over 200 people were evacuated from the building with many losing all their possessions as some described flames literally climbing over the cladding

“literally lost EVERYTHING. I live here, I was woken up by the burning smell. I was the last person in that building, they had to break my window and use a ladder to get me out. One of the scariest experiences of my life. Extremely grateful for the fire department.” said Direalkielber on Twitter

“Lost everything in the fire -lucky that we got out after false alarms constantly for weeks I heard screaming and decided to check it out had to scream at my flat mates it was a real fire if anyone tries to tell me that no-one is at fault and it was safe they’re wrong.” tweeted Elise Millward

“Fire alarms weren’t working, literally took people screaming and the smell of smoke to get me to have a look at what the commotion was to which it was on the floor below me. Luckily everyone got each other out“ said MegDori

“my accommodation burned down tonight. I have no possessions left. The fire alarms didn’t go off in all flats. As far as I know everyone got out okay and in time. Really counting my blessings tonight, so thankful for my friends and family tonight.” said Ren

Residents are being asked to go to Orlando Village student accommodation and contact their loved ones to let them know they are safe.

Two people were treated by paramedics at the scene, including one person who was rescued by crews using an aerial platform.


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