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Hello, determined and hustling entrepreneurs! We would request your attention for a moment from your ever-busy and piled-up work schedules. Could you kindly, for a minute, forget your identity, switch the table and imagine yourself as a customer? Think of the first thing you would want as a time-bound shopper. Probably, a fast and efficient shopping experience? Some valuable assistance? Even though you haven’t met the business owner, wouldn’t you wish for personalised attention where all your needs and interests are met without hassle? If all these thoughts and questions have come to your mind during the role reversal, then let us tell you, in reality, this is exactly how a customer feels.  

We understand that you are busy networking and building relations with your clients. Of course, the B2B nexus is essential. But, you are supposed to keep your clients close and customers even closer! Customers must feel connected, special and heard at all times! You might argue that you note all the customer details in your tiny registrar. But is that it? Is storing the shopper’s name, number and address the only thing that matters? No! Times have evolved, and it is about time for you to upgrade your business. Manual efforts make a significant difference, but automated support from CRM software can make your business go from zero to one! Thus, no matter your business niche, background and niche, you need Telagus – the leading CRM software!

What Is A CRM Software?

A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is a web portal or platform that allows you to digitally store all the basic to impactful details of existing and prospective customers and target them accordingly with an effective and fool-proof sales and marketing strategy. It not only makes data collation and storage easier but also helps enhance the customer experience, which helps build loyal customer relations. 

Due to the rise of digitalisation, we have witnessed a new version, Customer 2.0. These customers are concerned about prices and product quality but are more attracted to the digital shopping experience and satisfaction.

6 Ways How CRM Can Multiply Customer Satisfaction

So far, the information we shared regarding CRM software was just the tip of the iceberg. Many company managers simply nod their heads, stating they know everything about it, but they don’t. Let us dig a little deeper to help you understand how Telagus’s CRM allows you to streamline your business operations and proactively manage all your customer relations with ease!

  1. Data Storage & Tracking: For every business, it is important to learn consumer behaviour. The likes, dislikes, preferences, age and income group and shopping patterns help in understanding their buying psychology to pitch them deals, products and services they would instantly approve of. All of this is impossible to do without a reliable and organised channel, which is Telagus. Not just data tracking, but Telagus simplifies data collation and storage also for you. No more making excels or writing in notebooks as with  Telagus; you can easily store all customer information such as name, number, age, birthday, address, purchase history and many important details. 
  2. Omnichannel Communication: In the post-covid era, many shoppers have become reluctant to visit a physical store. Most of your customers have grown to be comfortable shopping in their lounge; thus, you need integrated software to assist them in every possible way! Customers get frustrated if they have to repeatedly call the brand’s support staff, wait in line and not receive any help. Instead of making it a negative experience, a CRM offers omnichannel communication via chat, emails and social media to ensure smooth, efficient and 24/7 communication between the brand and customers. 
  3. Consistency: With multiple other things to look after in your business, how will you possibly keep in touch with all your customers? Of course, ignoring them is not an option. Customers are a top priority, and ensuring that your business notices, remembers and values them is essential. Hence, Telagus will help to keep in touch with your customers by sending regular emails, letting them know about new products or offers, special discounts and promotions. 
  4. Personalised Messages: Who wouldn’t love to receive a birthday or anniversary wish or personalised emails? Personal attention helps you to build connections and enhance your customer relations. Even weekly newsletters and robust support emails regarding an after-sales service help create a positive experience. 
  5. Lead Generation: Telagus will not just aid in keeping your existing customers satisfied but also bring new business opportunities. Based on the analysis and demographic segmentation, it will funnel potential clients and help build marketing strategies to convert them into loyal and regular customers. 
  6. Insights: Not every customer will buy the same thing. Hence you require detailed analysis and pie-charts of the market and customer segmentation and sales forecasting based on the data for which Telagus will come in handy! Furthermore, this automated software eliminates the chances of any duplication of data or errors and helps in resolving any customer grievances and complaints at the backend!

Find out how you can organise your business operations efficiently and increase productivity with Telagus CRM!

Simplify Customer Relations With Telagus

How long will you focus on introducing new products but still be stuck with the same old business strategies? Evolve your business practices and watch your business expand and grow with happy and satisfied clients with just one click on Telagus! We urge you to erase all the clutter and delete the unwanted applications as you now get your hands on one simple dashboard for all your needs! 

Telagus is an efficient software that will ease your business operation and reduce all the burdens you have been carrying for a while. In fact, we have a qualified and skilled team to cater to all your needs and assist you at every step for any difficulty you face in your journey with us! If you are worried about the cost, you shouldn’t be, as we provide low-cost and reasonably priced monthly and annual plans that you would be relieved to invest in! Would you like to book a free tour? We provide that too!


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