The kitchen cabinets enable you to find your essentials within an arm’s reach. You don’t have to twist and turn to grab the right ingredient or utensil. Just like any other piece of furniture in the home, the kitchen cabinets serve two purposes: functionality and appearance. If the kitchen cabinets look like drab relics of the past, they can affect the overall look of the kitchen. Depending on the age and condition of the kitchen cabinets, replacement may be the better choice. It can mean a lot for restyling. Several designs out there can give your kitchen a complete facelift. Talk to a kitchen supplier. The chances are that they’ll find something to your liking. 

Replacing old kitchen cabinetry isn’t expensive, contrary to popular opinion. But it’s the type of project that warrants planning and budgeting. You can make your kitchen look like a million pounds without spending an arm and a leg. If you’re contemplating a total renovation, get an idea of what’s out there. Some trends come and go, while others are timeless. Colour blocking has been a growing trend for years now. It involves pairing two or more colours together and can be easily achieved by contrasting kitchen cabinets. It’s a combination of structure with timeless style. 

Consider these suggestions if you’re looking to refresh your kitchen cabinets without a major overhaul. 

Install New Cabinet Handles and Drawer Pulls 

It’s not a complete kitchen transformation, but it’s an effective one. Trendy materials like brass and copper add a sophisticated touch. Brass works with various colours and tones, from light to dark, and achieves a look that will still be stunning in ten years’ time. Copper, on the other hand, gives an antique look. It doesn’t need polishing, and the transformation can be completed in no time. If you don’t have any idea what hardware size to go for, a good place to start is the size of your kitchen. Oversized hardware, for instance, works in bigger kitchens. 

Find kitchen hardware sets that work together. Don’t buy one fixture at a time. Hardware with curved silhouettes and textured detailing are suited for designs drawing on heritage. Modern cabinets have appealingly trimmed well-designed lines and edges. Let’s not forget about the sleek, minimal profile. It won’t take long to realise that you’re spoilt for choice. It’ll be challenging to choose from the available styles and finishes with so many hardware options. How the cabinet handles and drawer pulls look is only half of the equation. Aim to be practical and purposeful. You won’t be happy with the choice you’ve made if you can’t handle the hardware naturally. 

Incorporate Open Shelving 

Open shelving can be a replacement for wall cabinets or an extra feature. It’s up to you to decide. Either way, you’ll have additional storage room in the kitchen. Guests will feel at home and can help themselves to whatever they want. People don’t have to ask where things are or ransack the kitchen cabinets. Open shelving opens up the space from a visual standpoint, not to mention that you can show off your loveliest items. If dust appears, just wipe it off. Don’t worry because the dishes won’t have time to get dirty. Before you start packing the shelves, see how much weight they can hold. 

Fill In the Gaps with Crown Moulding

If you want to add a wow factor from above, hang crown moulding on the kitchen cabinets. Crown moulding is available in wood or plaster. However, it comes in other materials like polyurethane. Crown moulding adds a significant visual impact, eliminating the gap between the ceiling and the upper cabinets. It’s not nailed directly to the wall cabinets, and it’s necessary to add wooden nailing strips at the top of the upper cabinets. They help correctly position the crown moulding. Since we’re talking about making improvements to your home, it’s worth noting that crown moulding can be used to add trim to the kitchen island. Put simply, you can elevate the design of the centrepiece of your kitchen. 

Roll Out a Fresh Coat of Paint

Do you want to have a custom kitchen? If the answer is yes, roll out a fresh coat of paint. This allows your kitchen cabinets to be any colour under the sun. Refresh your kitchen and make it look brighter. It will almost feel like you’ve moved into a new home. Ask for professional help before you get started. An expert will tell you if you have the right sandpaper, primer, and paint for the job. As far as picking out a colour is concerned, take into account the design of the kitchen. If you’ve chosen a more modern design for your kitchen, consider sunny yellows, rich reds, and dark blues. 

Add Storage with More Kitchen Cabinets 

Add additional kitchen cabinets if you can match them to your existing ones. The goal is to achieve a uniform look. A carpenter can help you get the job done right. If you have a small kitchen, it might not be such a good idea to add more cabinets. See if you can effectively reduce the kitchen inventory and maximise space. Just keep the things you use on a regular basis. If a custom approach is necessary, you’ll need a specific finish. You shouldn’t be able to tell the originals from the add-ons. Not only will this make your kitchen more functional, but also it’ll prevent it from looking like an experiment gone wrong. 

Add-ons aren’t always an effective solution. The good news is there are several alternatives, including: 

  • Islands 
  • Buffet areas
  • Pantries
  • Retrofitted accessories

You might want to consider installing a brand-new kitchen. It takes between one and three weeks to get it done. Draw up a plan and map out everything you have in mind. If properly maintained, the kitchen will last a lifetime. You can keep some of the existing units, of course, but make sure to include them in your plan. You’ll regret nothing about your kitchen.


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