The North West has always been a busy and bustling economy in the United Kingdom. In the last half a contrary, it has transformed from a factory and manufacturing hub to a media hot spot.

Its no wonder that this part of Britain has become incredibly desirable for many industries, and as a result, many startup businesses. Just like any other area of the UK, starting up business in the North West requires a bit of planning and research. Here are a few tips to establishing yourself in this cultured and vibrant part of the country.

Keep your employees contented

While the North West isnt as saturated as London, it is still incredibly competitive. Theres nothing stopping your employees from moving to a business elsewhere if they feel you have nothing left to offer them. One of the best ways to ensure that your employees are happy in their roles is to keep on top of feedback and manage change gracefully. If your business is likely to transform a lot in the first few years of business then using Inpulse change management tools could help you to manage expectations and keep everyone on-side.

An open mind for industry

While transport seems to be the fastest growing sector for the North West, this area of the UK seems to have an open mind when it comes to startup businesses. Its important to research the area you will be moving into, and what the surrounding competition will be like, but dont be too shy when it comes to trying out a new and quirky angle.

Local support

The University of Manchester not only puts out a lot of pioneeringand creative young minds, but it also provides support for them. The Masood Enterprise Centre is just one example of this support for local graduates who want to see their change flourish in and around the Manchester area. Manchester University also provides a useful careers service for recent graduates who want to know how to make the most of their services and tools.

Make the most of the boom

There is a huge creative, startup business boom in the North West, and Manchester is enjoying the highest rates of all. Its population of over 500,000 residents in the city area alone makes it a wide and diverse testing ground for a new business. By starting up in Manchester, you will not only be able to make the most of a cosmopolitan and adventurous demographic, but also its excellent transport links. You will be in good company for startup businesses, and so you may as well start now and find yourself in good company.

The North West is one of the best places to get started in as a new business. Manchester, in particular, enjoys academic and enterprise support, as well as a community of local startups who are also finding their feet. Doing the groundwork first (registering with HMRC, keeping employees happy and sorting your business plan) will help you to hit the ground running.


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