The Deputy First Minister of Scotland John Swinney has confirmed that the Scottish government would not be paying compensation to those affected by the travel bn betwen Manchester and Scotland.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament Swinney said:

“The government does not believe that would be appropriate.Travel to the north west of England has previously been prohibited last year, before local levels regulations were introduced and no compensation was offered.”

“We are all responsible for putting in place, in our respective parts of the United Kingdom, the financial support to arrangements for business and that’s exactly what the government will continue to do here in Scotland.”

Earlier Andy Burnham had said in a press conference that the legal grounds for this are unclear.

“This isn’t a country saying this is the arrangements for our country, as Wales has done, he says. This is singling out somewhere in England, almost ‘legislating for England as well as Scotland”.

The Mayor said that he wanted to clarify the criteria with the Scottish Government and what the exit route was out of the ban

The Mayor said that have been more than 50 emails to his office about this situation with a number having pretty significant impact’ on people’s lives.

He said that someone due to marry in Gretna Green in July and then tour Scotland for their honeymoon, a group of walkers, all of whom are double jabbed and are already in Scotland and don’t know what to do and a familly due to visit to scatter the ashes of a loved one, who have now had to postpone their trip.



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