Salford’s own comedic rap phenomenon T-BONE has entered the race for Christmas number one with the release of HO HO HO, a hilarious hip-hop banger that oozes world-class production from Manchester music legend, JSD.

HO HO HO is a festive single like no other, bringing some much-deserved swag to a bang-average Christmas. A proper head-nod, shoulder-bounce, two-step shuffle-inducing party track with the ability to break your car speakers, it promises to fill many a ‘do’ and family kitchen with enough cheer to make even the grumpiest Grinch grin.

Alongside his musical sensei JSD, T-BONE has also released the instrumental version of HO HO HO and they are inviting the MCs of Manchester and beyond (as well as anyone who fancies a go) to a 16-bar festive challenge launching on Monday 19th December and running right through Christmas week until Boxing Day.

To get involved, all you have to do is visit T-BONE’s Linktree, grab the beat from your preferred platform, and post your very own festive freestyle on an Instagram reel, tagging both of them and adding the hashtag #FestiveFreestyleMCR

T-BONE takes masses of pride in delivering a comical take on life as he sees it via lyrical dexterity over immaculate beats and has enjoyed a prolific breakthrough since his emergence in 2021; a concept that was born in lockdown, the whip-smart wordsmith reacted to being restricted to his flat in Salford by finding the beauty, and occasional glamour, in life’s simple offerings.

It became clear to him that these things, that would usually be deemed balls-basic, could, and should, be celebrated in rap music. The everyday things that became his world, his pleasures, and got him through those tough times deserved to be given the same hip-hop props as the more aspirational subjects normally referenced within the genre.

From his debut single INABIT, all about sitting on the couch and the wonder of the magical middle aisle at ALDI, to the pathetically rebellious AND WHAT?, to DONNA, a love track dedicated to his favourite kebab, to an ode to the daytime TV show that saw him through the loneliness of the pandemic A PLACE IN THE SUN, he fully swagged out the average in his first six-track project THE HIGH STEAKS EP, all produced, mixed and mastered by JSD.

JSD is one of the original pioneers of Manchester’s rap and MC culture. From his early years with infamous UKG crew CBD (Causing Bare Drama), to his time with global rap and bass music giants Virus Syndicate, to his much-acclaimed recent solo projects, he has been at the forefront of the city’s rap scene for well over a decade.

With a recording studio based between the City Centre and Cheetham Hill, JSD supports a thriving community of talented musicians. He also co-writes, produces, mixes and masters for his own label, Midication’s artists, and has produced for renowned artists across the UK including Dibo Brown, Misha B, plus many more.

T-BONE says: “It has always been a dream of mine to have a Christmas song! Ever since I first saw the film About a Boy where Hugh Grant lives off the royalties of the one his dad released years before and I thought… I fancy a slice of that!

“HO HO HO is about bringing some pride, confidence and swagger to the bang average Christmas, so pump it in the car, smash it out on your work’s do, or even have a dance around the kitchen with your mum while she’s basting the turkey.

“As with all my tunes, it’s not about fancy cars and drip, the simple things in life deserve their time in the sun too, because, if we’re being honest, they’re what really get us all through this mad journey we’re on.”

JSD says: “Sometimes rap music is too cool and serious for Christmas, but this year we wanna have some fun with it, so, this is a shout out to everyone to get involved in the festive freestyle challenge!

“I’m gonna be throwing down the gauntlet on the 19th December and showing T-BONE how it’s done over that beat I made for him, and after that you’ve got a week to respond, if you think you’ve got what it takes… so, let’s have it!”

To listen to HO HO HO and also to grab the instrumental for the #FestiveFreestyleMCR challenge, head over to T-BONE’s Linktree

Follow @tboneisarapper and @jsd_mcr on Instagram for more updates


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