Residents that were evacuated shortly after the fire broke out in Rochdale have been allowed back in to their homes.

The fire broke out around 10.30 last night at a premises on Greenfield Lane just south of the Town Centre.

At its height over fifty fire fighters were tackling the blaze at the former mill.

Local residents were evacuated as a precaution

Officer in Charge, Group Manager Paul Starling said: “We are making great progress at the scene and due to the brilliant work of our firefighters, we have surrounded the fire and contained it to the curtilage of the building.

“The chimney in the centre of the building is insecure but we are monitoring the stability and are ensuring crews are kept at a safe distance.

“The air unit is monitoring the fire from height to ensure there is no fire spread to nearby properties and we are going to be reducing the incident to five fire engines shortly.

“There is smoke in the area so if you live locally, please ensure windows and doors are closed. We are working closely with our partners to bring the fire under control so please avoid the area if possible.


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