To mark Breast Cancer Awareness month, leading women’s health company Hologic joined forces with local charity Prevent Breast Cancer to launch the “It’s Time” campaign in Greater Manchester with a pop-up event in Asda Eastlands Supercentre.

The event aimed to raise awareness of the disease to time poor women and highlight the importance of attending their breast screening appointment when invited.

Every year 420 women in Greater Manchester die from breast cancer and research has found that there is a strong link between deprivation and increased incidence of cancer. In Manchester, 60% of breast cancer patients are from the most deprived groups.

“It’s Time” is about encouraging women to put themselves first when it comes to their health and make the time for breast screening.

All women in the UK between the ages of 50 and 71, are eligible to attend a breast cancer screening appointment. Research shows that 78 percent of women put off scheduling routine health appointments because they are too busy taking care of other family members’ health.

To help educate women on the importance of attending their routine screening appointment, volunteers handed out 420 single stem pink roses with a postcard attached to passersby to let women know they are appreciated and encourage them to take the time to go for a breast cancer screening if eligible.

The postcards provided details on where to find out more information and urged women to attend screening if eligible. Volunteers also encouraged people to pass on a flower to a loved one to help raise awareness. The event also featured a large display of flowers in the shape of breasts to create a stop and stare moment.

Volunteers from Prevent Breast Cancer, Answer Cancer, as well as Manchester’s cancer screening improvement lead, Nabila Farooq, were on hand to answer any questions women had about what to expect from their appointment and alleviate any concerns.

Yasmin Haque, Prevent Breast Cancer Ambassador, said:

“After my experience of breast cancer, I urge the women of Greater Manchester to regular check their breasts and know what’s normal for you. If you have any concerns then speak to your GP. When you receive your NHS invitation to attend breast screening, don’t ignore the letter, ring and book your appointment. Early detection is key, it could save your life.”

Nikki Barraclough, Executive Director Prevent Breast Cancer, commented:

“The screening process is crucial to identifying breast cancer in its earliest stages. Prediction, prevention and early detection are at the heart of the work we do here at Prevent Breast Cancer. We make it our mission to better educate everyone on the benefits of screening and try to dispel any fears or misconceptions. We’re excited to be out in the local Manchester community to raise awareness of the importance screening plays in saving women’s lives.”

The local campaign also included Facebook posts targeting women in Manchester, posters and out of home advertising, all highlighting the importance of taking time to attend routine breast screening appointments.


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