The Pint of Science Festival is returning to Manchester from Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th May 2016, bringing a taste of the research carried out in our universities to pubs and bars around the city.

Set up in 2012 and run entirely by volunteers, the festival now takes place around the world, on the same three days. We’ll be setting up shop in 5 bars around Manchester – Northern Quarter’s ‘Pie and Ale’ and ‘The English Lounge’, Withington’s ‘The Red Lion’, ‘The Albert Club’ in West Didsbury, and ‘The Old Monkey’ in the city centre – with each venue taking on a particular theme for the duration of the festival.

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy Pint of Science. The festival is for everyone – provided you’re old enough to be allowed in the pub! – and covers all aspects of science, from the tiniest interactions in our bodies, to the huge changes that take place across our planet and the wider universe.  

Pint of Science continues to grow every year, with events now taking place in 10 countries and 8 new UK cities joining this year. Here in Manchester, we have just held our first ever collaboration with Manchester Science Festival, putting on one special night showcasing the best of Pint of Science 2015. 

This year, Manchester’s festival promises to be as diverse as ever. Find out if our hygienic lifestyles are making us more susceptible to allergies. How will new technology change the way we treat disease, or study the universe around us? How do we feed our ever-growing global population? Or what if we’re actually all living in the matrix?

Whatever your interests, there’ll be something at Pint of Science to intrigue you.

Tickets go on sale on Monday 18th April, and are available from


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