The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is promising that the first flights to Rwanda will take off in ten to twelve weeks and has accused opponents of his Rwanda deportation bill of using  “every trick in the book” to delay it.

“Enough is enough. No more prevarication. No more delay. Parliament will sit there tonight and vote no matter how late it goes. No ifs, no buts”. he told the press conference adding that if  Labour peers had not spent weeks “holding up the bill” they would’ve already taken off

Revealing the first detailed plans for the flights Sunak said that the airfield was on standby,that commercial plans were booked and that 500 officials were ready to escort the migrants to Rwanda

‘We are going to deliver this indispensable deterrent so that we finally break the business models of criminal gangs and save lives.’ the Prime Minister describing the government’s Rwanda plan as a “genuine gamechanger”

Asked by Sky News what the measure of success would be Sunak said that “Success is when the boats have been stopped” adding that the next General Election will be choice between a party that wants to deal with illegal migration and a Labour Party that doesn’t

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