A new private terminal is to open at Manchester Airport later this year it has been announced today

Called aether,it is an innovative new development exclusively located at Manchester Airport, delivering a UK first as the Private Terminal, accessible to all airline passengers

The terminal will launch with a dining experience by Adam Reid, the award-winning and acclaimed chef at the helm of Adam Reid at The French

Booking reservations will open on Thursday, 6th June, for passengers to use the private terminal from Monday, 4th November 2024.

The terminal will provide three levels of experience

Express’ – provides guest access to go straight through the Private Terminal and to the gate – with cabin bags (and for departures only)

 ‘Inclusive with cabin bags’ – is open to all airlines and gives guest access to the full offering at the Private Terminal; including all food and drinks. This can be used for those departing, arriving and even both ways for a return journey and.

‘Inclusive + checked bags’ – includes the full offering and is open to anyone flying with a growing list of partner airlines including Emirates, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic 

Suzanne Orr, General Manager of aether said:

“Our Private Terminal is a sanctuary, offering a thoughtfully designed, elevated experience away from the hustle and bustle of what you’d usually expect in an airport. We prioritise tranquillity and provide a seamless service to offer our guests an effortless start, or even end to their journey.

“What sets aether apart is its inclusivity; it’s accessible to all passengers, regardless of ticket class, and doesn’t require membership. This democratisation of premium airport services marks a significant shift in the industry, offering a reimagined airport experience to a much broader audience.”

Manchester Airport Managing Director Chris Woodroofe said:

“At Manchester Airport we’re proud to connect the North to the world with an ever-growing list of destinations unrivalled by any airport outside London. And we want people to feel like their holidays start at the airport – not only when they reach their destination.

“That’s why we put a lot of thought into making sure we have something for everyone at Manchester Airport and it’s why we’re really excited by the launch of aether. aether will let people really start their holidays in style and offers an elevated experience while also being accessible and open to anyone regardless of what ticket they’ve bought.”

The opening of aether will land alongside world-leading music events, including WOMEX and Beyond the Music in November, which will generate additional economic input in the tens of millions of pounds and shine the international spotlight on Manchester again.

Manchester is enjoying a successful run of highly regarded accolades, the most recent being The New York Times – 52 Places to Go in 2024 and the Financial Times – 43 Holidays to Take in 2024, aether adds to the evolving story of Manchester leading the way as a global city.


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