Greater Manchester-based finance group Vavoom launched on June 3rd, becoming the UK’s number one choice for climate positive vehicle leasing, asset finance, energy solutions and vehicle procurement specialists.

With senior leadership boasting over 70 years of vehicle leasing experience between them, Vavoom aims to cut its own path in the industry by offering customers an alternative to traditional vehicle leasing and asset finance that supports the adoption of sustainable electric cars and vehicles while preparing the industry for the future.

Over the last five years the number of electric vehicles offered for sale in the UK has jumped from one in 30 to one in 10, and Vavoom Operations Director Jonathan Wise only sees this trend increasing as the UK prepares for the ban of all internal combustion engines in 2030.

Jonathan Wise, former National Sales Manager at LeasePlan and Operations Director at Vavoom, commented on the challenges the UK faces in the approach to 2030 – and how Vavoom aims to help customers tackle them:

“Our predictions for EV’s in 2021 and beyond is that we will see a steady rise year on year until 2030, where combustion engines will not be available to buy. There are a number of points to consider for both business and personal users when leasing an EV and we are here to help and advise every step of the way. Vavoom knows that petrol and diesel vehicles are not great for the environment but we can all play our part with every decision we make. It’s our intention to reduce carbon emissions and raise awareness of the amount of tonnage that some vehicles produce.”

“The infrastructure supporting Electric Vehicles has grown year on year and will continually do so. It is our aim to provide as much advice and help for those customers that are ready to make the change to ensure you do so with complete confidence. Vavoom can provide any customer with charging solutions for the home or office. No matter how big or small.”

Providing businesses and consumers with the UK’s number one choice for climate positive motoring, Vavoom aims to offer a different approach to traditional leasing by focusing not only on providing a high level, transparent and beneficial service based on integrity that matches clients with their next dream car or fleet, but that also helps to educate and provide consultancy on all aspects of EV adoption.

Vavoom is focused on long term sustainability by supporting climate positive motoring, with the Cheadle-based business having a goal of creating 50 jobs within the next five years.

Vavoom aims to offer both consumers and businesses a comprehensive service that brings together vehicle leasing and procurement, asset finance and energy solutions such as EV chargers under one roof, tailoring the service to the needs of each individual client.

Jonathan Wise spoke about the commitment Vavoom is making to its customers:

“Our clients will have access to competitive rates in contract hire and leasing. We offer a full suite of products to assist both personal and business clients. All of Vavoom’s staff are climate positive and contribute to this themselves. Our office is climate positive and all vehicle transactions will have a climate positive contribution. All Vavoom’s clients can access leasing rates for vehicles or utilise our asset finance division for a variety of business or personal acquisitions. They can ask us to find their dream vehicle and we will scour our network. For customers that are making the electrification journey, we can help power their electric vehicles through a range of energy solutions for both commercial and consumer use. Essentially, everything under one roof.”

“We offer our customers a clear conscience when ordering their next vehicle through Vavoom, because with every vehicle transaction they make our business will contribute to a forest in order to offset some of the emissions produced by the vehicles we put on the road. It’s our little way of trying to raise awareness whilst giving the driver a feel good factor about driving the vehicle they love.”


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