As the Prime Minister is set to announce that another five hundred free schools will be created if he wins the next election, the latest free school is set to open in Cheadle Hulme.

The Cheadle Hulme Primary school is one of forty nine given the go ahead by the Department of Education today.

The school which will have four hundred and twenty places will be run by the Cheadle Hulme Education Trust will already runs a secondary school in the area.

The move towards Free Schools is seen in some quarters as controversial.Though funded by the taxpayer, they are independent of state regulation and which can be established by community groups including parents, charities or teachers, after being introduced as part of former education secretary Michael Gove’s reforms.

They also tend to be set up in areas of the country where there are already adequate school places. The Labour Party claims that up to a third of those already established are under performing.

Today David Cameron will use a speech  to reinforce his case that the creation of free schools has been a success under the coalition.

The Cheadle Hulme Primary school has already gained support from the community and will provide greater choice for local parents. The school will follow the national curriculum and introduce specialist teaching to offer high quality language and science education.

Other free schools announced in the area include the North Cestrian School in Altrincham, The Olive School in Bolton which will be a Muslim faith primary school run by the  Tauheedul Trust and will open the Olive School, a new Muslim faith primary school in Bolton and The Orchards in Trafford, which aims to provide an outstanding education to primary pupils with complex learning difficulties. 




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