Students who don’t currently have the level 3 university entry requirements, but are interested in becoming a nurse, paramedic, midwife, a diagnostic radiographer or another health science professional, will be pleased to know there is a route they can take to get that qualification.

So, what can a student do if she/he doesn’t have time to attend college?

AOLL is a widely-recommended Access to HE online provider. Many people choose to return to education later in life as mature students, often juggling family and work commitments. These students need choices that have some element of flexibility in order fit everything in and get a big positive result at the end of it!

Academy Online Learning Ltd (AOLL) offers a complete online Access Diploma. Not only is it affordable, it’s also a flexible route to achieving a qualification that is recognised and well-respected by universities. An AOLL qualification is also widely known and accepted for its commendable preparation to student’s approach to study at degree level.

Some students ask whether an online Access to HE Diploma is as ‘valid’ as attending a college prior to starting with AOLL. The answer is yes, totally! The qualification received is the same online as it is from a college.

So, what’s different about getting this qualification online?

The only difference is the method of delivery. A student can do the course at fixed times during the day at college, or at their convenience wherever and whenever it suits them.

The great bonus of doing it online is that you don’t have to attend regular classes. AOLL students are also able to demonstrate (at their university interviews) their huge commitment and determination to succeed. Through balancing a busy life with study, shows a determination to make the grade. That’s a quality universities are looking for.

You may have concerns about the level of tutor support with online courses. AOLL stands above its competitors because it has a unique way to interact with tutors and peers. The online backbone to AOLL is a state-of-the-art video conferencing suite. AOLL’s students themselves offer huge positive testaments to the high levels and quality of support. In fact, they’ve actually used it to record their testimonies on which you can see in the video section of the Facebook page here.

Read some of the student comments below:

“… tutor support was excellent” (Midwifery).
“My tutor is incredible so helpful and patient” (Psychology)
“… always a super-quick response!!! You guys are awesome :)” (Psychology)
“The help from my tutor was exceptional. I would recommend AOLL to anybody needing Access to HE” (Nursing)
“I cannot thank AOLL enough for the continuous support… I was able to achieve the conditions I needed to secure my place at university.” (Midwifery)

These examples are from the 2016-17 cohort of learners. In September 2017, they will begin their under-graduate degree studies within their chosen pathway at a variety of UK universities.

The flexibility of an online course also means there is a year-round enrolment gateway. All applicants are able to choose their own start date. Based on a 12-month time-frame, the course study time is around 350 hours. There’s even an option to freeze the course for up to 12 months to ensure no study time is lost.

June and November are times when Certa come in to check AOLL’s quality processes and procedures as external moderators. Certa is the Awarding Organisation which ensures that the required high standards have been met. It also examines if students have demonstrated the necessary skills to achieve their grades, leading to the award of their Access to HE Diploma certificate.

AOLL also offers online tuition courses to support students wishing to take GCSE Maths, IGCSE English and IGCSE Human Biology (all these are assessed externally).

This article really sets out to ask if an Access to HE diploma could take you or someone you know someplace new? AOLL has the key, but it’s up to the student to unlock the door to their future destiny!

If you’re someone looking to change their future, why wait?

Contact AOLL today on 01706 878 149 or visit

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