Holidaying in the UK brings to mind not only history, quaint towns and picturesque countryside but also its seaside resorts. Every summer, tourists flock to UK beaches to see the piers, swim in the sea, ride fairground rides and eat ice cream.

Research conducted by travel experts Find A Cheap Flight has revealed the most searched for beaches in the UK. With COVID making travelling abroad more difficult, many Britons are opting for UK seaside resorts this year, which may be a catalyst for high search volumes for beaches in the UK.

What are the most searched for beaches in the UK?

The most searched for beaches in the UK are Blackpool Beach, Weymouth Beach, and Skegness Beach. They all receive over 10,000 searches per month, with the first reaching a whooping high of 18,000 monthly searches.

Barmouth Beach, Cromer Beach, Filey Beach, and Whitby Beach are at the end of the list, each receiving 9,900 searches per month.

The beaches may be on this list because they have exciting attractions that draw in tourists of all ages, such as amusement parks, fairgrounds, and nice eateries. It may also be because they’re popular beaches for snorkelers and divers.

Let’s dive into what the top three beaches in the UK have in store for their tourists.

Blackpool Beach

Blackpool Beach is the most visited beach in the north of England. Over six million tourists visit Blackpool Beach and its amusement park Blackpool Pleasure Beach every year. Many thrill-seekers go there to ride the highest rollercoaster in the UK, the Big One. With 18,100 searches per month on Google, it’s easy to understand why Blackpool Beach is the most searched for UK beach.

It’s always been a holiday destination for many Britons due to its Blackpool Illuminations, Blackpool Tower, sandy beaches, and its three piers – the North, Central, and South Piers.

On the North Pier – Blackpool’s oldest pier – you can watch shows, ride the old fairground rides, play on the fruit machines at its amusement arcades and have a local fortune teller predict your future.

Central Pier is another pier you may want to visit as there you’ll find Blackpool’s renowned Ferris wheel “Big Wheel” and its funfair. It’s also famous for its family-friendly bars, such as its Terrace Bar and Pirates Bay.

Last but not least, we have the South Pier. This pier is home to the “adrenaline zone”, an area dedicated to thrilling rides such as the Skyscreamer – a reverse bungee ride – and the Skycoaster, a 124 ft freefalling swing. Its new bar, the Gin House, recently opened and sells many types of gin and prosecco.

Weymouth Beach

Weymouth Beach is one of Dorset’s popular seaside vacation destinations, given its golden beach and shallow, temperate waters. This makes the beach ideal for children and inexperienced swimmers, although it doesn’t mean you won’t find people from all walks of life lounging on Weymouth Beach.

Weymouth’s three-mile-long beach is popular as there are many fun activities for singles or families, including sunbathing, paddling in the sea, and exploring the rock pools.

If you find yourself craving more entertainment at Weymouth Beach, you can go play volleyball and motocross on the beach, see the sand sculptors, ride on trampolines, watch the Punch and Judy show, or go donkey riding.

That’s not all. There’s Weymouth Pier, which holds fairground rides and fishing sessions for novice anglers. This beach’s popularity suggests you are likely to find something worth your while at Weymouth beach. If you don’t, you can always go on a bar crawl while enjoying the seaside.

Skegness Beach

Skegness Beach is one of Lincolnshire’s most popular tourist attractions. In fact, it’s the third most searched for beach in the UK, with 12,100 searches so far in 2021. Here’s what makes Skegness Beach a favourite among tourists in the UK:

From a beach where you can ride donkeys, play crazy golf, and explore other tourists attractions, to a pier full of other exciting activities, Skegness has a lot in store for its visitors. You will find that the award-winning clean sea is not shy of praise either, as many people choose Skegness Beach for that reason as well.

Skegness has two attractions that stand out most to tourists, Fantasy Island and Skegness Pier. The latter is fit for tourists looking to put their strategy and critical thinking skills to use even on holiday, as it is known for its escape rooms and laser quests. If you visit Skegness Pier looking for a relaxed evening, you will find virtual reality experiences, bowling alleys, an American style diner, and a beach bar.

Fantasy Island, on the other hand, is a go-to for thrill-seekers. With 30 fun rides, the 180 ft high drop tower “the Volcano”, and 62 mph rollercoaster “the Odyssey”, this attraction is popular for its exciting atmosphere.

If rollercoasters aren’t your cup of tea, you can visit Ingoldmells Market, Europe’s largest seven-day market in Skegness. You will find that this holiday destination will keep most of its tourists busy for their whole stay, as there is much to do and see in Skegness.

Barmouth Beach

Located in Snowdonia, Barmouth Beach is where to go if you want to unwind after hiking on Wales’ mountains. It’s one of the most popular seaside resorts, not only in Wales but in the UK, for it has 9,900 searches per month on Google.

Tourists going to Barmouth Beach can enjoy scenic donkey rides as well as exciting watersports and funfair rides. There are many shops, cafes, and pubs to go to in Barmouth for a relaxing afternoon or evening. You can even have lunch with a view in the cafes that overlook Cardigan Bay.

Cromer Beach

Cromer Beach is one of Norfolk’s most popular seaside destinations. It has 9,900 searches on Google because many people from across the UK visit this sunny resort.

Cromer Beach is a popular place for sea angling, surfing, and having a brisk swim in the North Sea. This location is also renowned for lobsters and crabs, which you can try finding yourself in its rock pools.

You can also go fossil hunting at the cliffs near Cromer Lighthouse, an ideal place for children to learn more about the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth millions of years ago.

Filey Beach

Filey Beach is located on the Yorkshire coastline, and it is the sixth most searched for beach on the list. The beach is praised for its high standards of cleanliness, as it is well-kept, and visitors tend to throw their waste in designated bins.

Filey Beach beams with kid-friendly activities for parents looking to travel with their little ones, including kite-flying, horse riding, and building sandcastles.

Filey Beach is also dog-friendly, so if you’ve got a four-legged companion to take along on holiday, you’ll encounter no problems there. The promenade is ideal for long strolls as well, whether for your afternoon dog-walking or to enjoy the views alone.

Whitby Beach

Another popular Yorkshire seaside resort is Whitby Beach. Split into two beaches – West Cliff Beach and Tate Hill Beach -, Whitby Beach is well-liked by tourists as it receives 9,900 searches per month.

West Cliff is Whitby’s most visited beach, and it is renowned for fossils and fish and chips at the award-winning Magpie Cafe. Children can participate in fun activities such as crazy golf, trampolining, pitch and putt, and donkey riding.

Tate Hill Beach is less touristy than West Cliff, but it is most popular among dog lovers as dogs are allowed on the beach. It’s also well-known for its independent shops and Fortune’s Kippers, the other famous chip shop in Whitby.


The most searched for beaches in the UK have a range of tourist attractions that make them popular among visitors. While most of them feature typical attractions you would expect from the British seaside, including thrilling rides and fun piers, they also tend to be kid-friendly and even pet-friendly, allowing tourists to take their complete family on holiday.


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