This Wednesday, The Friends of the Manchester Centre for Regional History are reliving part of Manchester’s musical legacy.

Mindbenders, Rubber Bullets and Unknown Pleasures: Remembering Stockport’s Strawberry Recording Studios, 1967-1993′ by Dr Peter Wadsworth of the University of Manchester.

Founded in 1967, Stockport’s Strawberry Recording Studios was one of the first UK professional recording studios outside of London and, by the time it closed in 1993, had become a major studio within the industry, playing host to a variety of local, national and international artists.

The study of Strawberry challenges some of the conventional historical narratives associated with Manchester music, particularly the notion that the area was a ‘musical desert’ in the early 1970s. Also, what is Strawberry’s legacy and how is it remembered today as we approach the 50th anniversary of the Studio’s formation?

The talk is free and there is mulled wine and mince pies on Wednesday 17th December 2014 at 6.30pm in Room 230, Geoffrey Manton Building, (Rosamond Street West, Off Oxford Road), Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, M15 6LL (map here). All welcome.


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