Manchester’s What Media has expanded its repertoire into content for virtual events as live streaming and video remains in high demand post pandemic.

For the second year, the creative video agency won The Property Academy’s annual EA Masters Event – the largest estate agency conference in the UK.

The virtual conference kicked off June 24th and the content will be running for the next six months.

The event has been brought to life through Covid compliant green-screen filming days in London, followed by creative post-production to develop a virtual studio.

Putting its creative stamp on the EA Masters Event, What Media created animated intros, outros and overlays for all the conference videos, capturing more than 50 pieces of content with speakers from the UK, USA and Australia.

The project is What Media’s second with The Property Academy. This year’s content was live streamed to a global audience.

The video team also recently won ‘Wellnergy’; a streamed event aimed at bringing to life the best of yoga, dance, meditation and mindfulness in a jam-packed eight-hour live show.

Hosted through yoga platform Kuula, What Media used a combination of pre-recorded content as well as live interviews.

What Media have seen an increased demand in briefs for virtual events and live streaming; a content culture they see living long past the pandemic as businesses strive to be more connective, economical, and eco-friendly.

Chris Townsend, Creative Director for What Media, said, “In the early days of restrictions many agencies felt they had to pivot towards virtual content to remain relevant or stay afloat. Today the demand from clients has shifted.

Despite businesses being encouraged back into the office; conferences, and events, on a national or global scale still remain challenging. We also see our clients recognising the cost saving around connecting people virtually – and how online events reduce their carbon footprint. This puts virtual events in a strong place as we enter a new normal.”

Chris added, “We pride ourselves on creating engaging and industry leading content, our video and animation repertoire lends itself to live streaming events and allows us to support businesses to be creative virtually.”

Founded in 2016 in Manchester, What Media specialise in creative, video, and animation.

What Media has kick-started 2021 with a bang, winning several new clients and project briefs, including Uber for Business and Muscle Food.


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