Manchester’s sometimes controversial guidelines on planning are to be the subject of a review by the council.

This is the first major review of the city’s development plan since 2012 and will help respond to a range of emerging strategic issues, such as housing demand, transport infrastructure, neighbourhoods that promote healthy lifestyles and achieving a zero carbon Manchester by 2038.

The Local  Plan should ensure new building and investment is aligned to Manchester’s growth ambitions and meets the city’s high development standards. And as the city’s population continues to grow (expected to hit 635,000 by 2025), it’s crucial that the city’s growth continues to be as inclusive and sustainable as possible.

The Local Plan will also take into account the Our Manchester Strategy, the emerging Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Greater Manchester’s new devolved planning powers.

The first step of the new Local Plan is to speak to Manchester people and businesses on issues important to them that will inform the principles of the new Local Plan, and highlight key themes for the plan to focus on.

An initial eight week public consultation will begin on Friday 7 February.

A report went to the Council’s executive that seeks approval to move to the initial consultation stage in developing a new Local Plan for Manchester.

The public and businesses will be able to take part in further consultation opportunities throughout the process.

A draft plan is expected to be prepared by winter 2020/21 for public consultation.


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