After a successful couple of months, flexible coworking startup FlexTable has launched with its latest venue signing, Gusto Manchester.

With digital tech businesses in Manchester generating £3.2bn in revenue in 2017, the restaurant wanted a slice of the action and jumped at the opportunity to work with FlexTable when they approached them.

Mitchel White, Co-Founder at FlexTable said “Restaurants need to get bums on seats in an increasingly saturated and competitive City Centre lunchtime market. Throw into the mix an increasing number of startups and SMEs in Manchester needing affordable space to work, we thought the solution was simple – to connect those startups with venues who have space to provide an inspiring environment to cowork.

Gusto is a fantastic name in Manchester’s hospitality sector – known for its great food, service and surroundings. We’re so excited to have Gusto Manchester on board and can’t wait to see how the next few months go as we work together to bring new customers into the venue.”

Antonia Lallement, Sales & Events Manager at Gusto Manchester said “At Gusto, we put a lot of time into understanding Manchester; how does it work? Who’s here? What are they doing?

In asking these questions… we’ve  seen the huge rise in demand for flexible working spaces. We’re so excited to explore this with FlexTable. We have an amazing venue, and delivering exceptional service is what we do day in and day out, so why not extend this beyond the dining experience?

It’s great to be on board with FlexTable from the start, we can’t wait to see what it all brings!’”


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