35-year-old mum of three, Emma Mander from Levenshulme is on a mission to introduce life skills to children, so they are better equipped when they leave school or go out into the world.

Simple things like budgeting, staying safe online and how to boil an egg are all being taught at special affordable child-led holiday camps for six to 11-year-old’s for the six weeks of summer. They are taking place at The Beehive in Cringle Park from next week and will run until Wednesday 4th September.

Emma, who has successfully run a play centre near to her home for the last four years, came up with the idea for The School of Life UK earlier this year. She has since gone on to create a specific curriculum, which has already been piloted in a South Manchester primary school and holiday club to glowing reviews from both parents and teachers.

As Emma is so keen for every child to benefit, the cost of attending a holiday camp for a full day is only £20 and there are further discounts available for low-income families.

The barrier-free programme, which is as far removed from teaching as possible is a way for children to learn skills such as project management, leadership, and event planning without even realising they’re doing so.

Since Emma introduced the concept in May, almost 3oo secondary schools have expressed an interest and she has received 40 applications from teachers looking to host the courses.

Emma says, “The idea for School of Life UK came to me one Saturday night whilst I was watching reality TV with my husband. Seeing how the current curriculum is so heavily weighted towards academic achievements, I realised I want my children and their friends to have the life skills, which I was taught as a child growing up in the eighties, but are now sadly lacking.”

Whilst School of Life UK has begun in South Manchester, Emma’s vision is to expand the programme across the UK, to improve the outcomes for children especially from low-income areas.

Research from both the US and the World Health Organisation has shown that children equipped with life skills are less likely to get into crime. In some cases, it can make all the difference they need to follow a different path.

If you would like more information or to book one of the life skills affordable holiday clubs please email: enquiries@schooloflifeuk.com


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