To celebrate the end of its Heritage Trees project,leading environmental charity City of Trees has released a book which commemorates the most loved trees and woods across our city region.

The book brings together the most powerful stories which have been shared by the Greater Manchester public since 2015, showing how trees and woods are interwoven into the fabric of people’s lives

The book will be given to all groups, organisations and individuals who took part in the four year lottery-funded Heritage Trees project

The foreword of the book has been written by Adam O’Riordan, the academic director of the Manchester Writing School and Reader in Contemporary Poetry and Fiction. Manchester-born Adam is known for his poetry and in 2008 was the youngest Poet-In-Residence at The Wordsworth Trust.

In Adam’s introduction to the book, he says: “Manchester is a city of trees, though it’s sometimes easy to forget this as our eyes are drawn to the dazzling glass skyscrapers and tall white cranes around the city. This book reminds us of the quiet wealth of trees we all share in.

“They are places where we talk and dream, make memories or just remember things, where we sometimes even fall in love.”

Rhys Wynne, Heritage Trees engagement officer, said: “This has been a fantastic project which has protected some of Greater Manchester’s heritage trees and hedgerows for future generations.

“The stories people have told us about their favourite trees and woods have been a really important part of the project, and we wanted to make sure these stories were recorded for posterity.”

The Heritage Trees project ran from January 2015 to December 2018, and celebrated, recorded and protected Greater Manchester’s tree heritage.


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