Dave Keuning, founding member and guitarist from The Killers, releases his debut single “Restless Legs” under the moniker Keuning. Taken from Keuning’s debut album Prismism  you can hear ‘Restless Legs’ via Keuning’s official YouTube channel.

Burnt out from touring and wanting to spend more time with his 13-year-old son, Dave began taking musical ideas that he gathered over the years and worked on them in his home studio to turn each idea into a complete song.

Prismism is the result, a collection of 14 tracks – with all the instruments, save some drum parts, played by Keuning himself – which, like the title says, sees things from all sides, focusing on details without missing the big picture. The album examines our basic relationships and interactions, with family, friends and co-workers, how one can feel trapped by their surroundings, as well as those that rely on them, emotionally and/or professionally. The album is inspired by the very thing that brought him here in the first place – the music.

“The lyrics speak for themselves,” Dave says of the first single. “’Got restless legs/And a restless heart,’ that’s just what came pouring out of me. It was all I could think of… No other subjects came to mind. It was all I had. The beauty of the words is they’re open-ended enough that you can relate them to your own situation.”

Sun 9th  Dec           Manchester, Night and Day

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 16th October www.gigsandtours.com  


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