Improvements are coming for 19 city centre locations where vehicular access is controlled through bollards.

To ensure the safety of residents and visitors a network of removable bollards can be found throughout high-footfall areas of Manchester such as Canal Street, St. Ann’s Square and Exchange Square.

Previously these bollards have either been time-controlled or need to be manually removed for a motorist to gain access.

Following a series of improvement works these bollards have now been replaced by a fully automated system.

From Monday, October 4, motorists who require access past these bollards will need to have registered their vehicle in advance.

The new bollards use a combination of a 6-digit PIN number as well as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) software. This means that a PIN has to be used in conjunction with the number plate it is registered to for access to be provided.

New hours of access will also be in operation, details of which can be found on the Council’s website –

Applications for bollard access within the new hours will be processed immediately when received, and are free to make.

Drivers who need access outside of allowable hours can also make a paid-for application on a one-off basis.


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