Revitalize Resprays are a kitchen respray company who are helping the people of Manchester transform their kitchen for less. If you are in the Manchester area, then contact us here and we can make a start on the journey to your kitchen becoming revitalized. 

A Little Bit About Us…

Having to replace your kitchen can be a huge investment, therefore we set up Revitalize Resprays in the first place and we always advise people to opt for a respray rather than a kitchen renovation, kitchen renovations are a lot more expensive and more time-consuming than a kitchen respray. Whereas a kitchen respray is cheaper and less time-consuming. You would be surprised by how much of a difference a simple respray can make. 

Our Process

1. Consultation

We begin our work with you with an initial consultation. This is our time to discuss with you, why you should choose our service and we will help you to choose the colours for your respray. Since the pandemic, we have also developed a straightforward, non-physical consultation through WhatsApp or video communication to suit your needs and circumstances. We also offer Covid secure face-to-face consultations. At Revitalize Resprays we aim to suit your needs. 

2. The Work Begins

Once we have had the initial consultation and have arranged some dates to start work. We will come and remove your doors and drawers. It is important to note, that this is NOT a day’s work. Our work takes around a week, so we can achieve the finish that we do. We need that one week to prepare and work on the kitchen to achieve the factory finish that you are looking for. We will grease and clean up every door and drawer. If there are any chips, scrapes, or bumps that need filling and repairing we will completely refurbish the doors or drawers, giving them the revitalization that they need. 

3. To The Workshop, We Go

We will sand down every door and drawer, then prime them twice on each side. Preparation is the most important part of the process. Once the doors have been primed, we will sand them down once again with 320-grade sanding pads to give them that ultra-smooth prep before finishing with whatever colour you have chosen. We will then wrap the units carefully, ready to look brilliant in your new revitalized kitchen. 

4. Your New Kitchen Is Ready

At Revitalize, we complete an onsite spray on all of the permanent fixtures and fittings from the corniche, end panels, kickboards, leading edges, rails, etc. Before any of these permanent fixtures can be sprayed, we will mask everywhere off, we do this to avoid overspray and ensure that the fit and finish are equal to that of your newly revitalized doors and drawers. 

If you live in the Manchester area and are interested in a respray from ourselves, contact us today on 07384574225 for a quick chat and we will arrange a consultation in order to get your kitchen revitalized. Visit our website here. 


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