Notjust, have upgraded premises to a unique Ancoats space following 12 months of sustained growth. The move comes after the Notjust duo introduced hairdressing tuition, a range of mediums which challenge high street products, and welcome onboard a third member of the collective.

Co-founder of Notjust, Tom Burbidge, said that the decision to expand was “To fully ‘arrive’. We planted our roots in the city by committing ourselves to a purpose, a message and a change, but we’ve been working beneath the surface for long enough. In this time, we studied ourselves, the brand, and our clients to help us emerge with the best possible product. The move has allowed us the opportunity to ‘open the door’ to the rest of the city and especially Ancoats, quite possibly the most relevant place for us to be in the country.”

Notjust was founded by two like-minded individuals, brought together by the medium of hair and a desire to challenge what it means to be a City-Centre barbers.  After quickly establishing a name for themselves from the start, Notjust continually evolved in terms of service offerings and activities within the community, whilst staying true to their roots by providing modern haircuts to individuals across the city.

“The decision to move will allow Notjust to expand further into the wider art and fashion communities, utilising a larger space to retail artwork, high-end fashion items and expand their already popular barber tuition courses” says Nathan Haley, Co-Founder of Notjust.

“We have developed a space with the integrity to make Men’s hair better. We gather our inspirations from other European Cities rather than Manchester, as we want a vicinity where the client can feel like they have stepped into somewhere other than Manchester. Gradually, we’re changing the way your typical “barbershop” operates. We take this art form in our own direction to manifest in our own lane”.


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