One of the world’s leading storytellers, Jan Blake and exceptional West African musicians, Raymond Sereba and Kouame Sereba join forces to share a powerful and epic tale from Mali, ‘The Old Woman, the Buffalo and the Lion of Manding’. 

Following two successful tours in 2013, Adverse Camber is delighted to visit STUN at Z-arts, Manchester on Saturday 12 March 2016, 7.30pm with ‘The Old Woman, the Buffalo and the Lion of Manding’, a powerful and uplifting show that tells the story of the origins of the great 13th century Malian Empire with the birth of its visionary leader, Sundiata Keita.

The show is created and performed by one of the world’s leading storytellers, Jan Blake (who is based in Manchester), and two outstanding West African-born musicians, Raymond Sereba and Kouame Sereba – this is storytelling and world music of the highest calibre – dynamic, interactive and exhilarating.  

Traditionally, African storytelling and music go together; in this show the audience are invited to join in and sing with the three artists as well as enjoying breathtaking original music performed on the extraordinary dodo mouth bow, djembe drums, kalimbas and Norse flutes.

‘The Old Woman, The Buffalo and the Lion of Manding’ tells a story that has been passed down from generation to generation for over 800 years as a story of kingship and battle. Jan, Raymond and Kouame have chosen a different take on the story – to focus on the extraordinary and tenacious women that influenced this young king’s early life. With hunters and kings, griots and powerful women, the result is one of the most exciting birth-of-a-hero tales you’ll ever hear.
Jan Blake and the Sereba brothers have toured ‘The Old Woman, the Buffalo and the Lion of Manding’ to the Oslo Storytelling Festival, the Barbican, Hay on Wye Literature Festival, Cheltenham Literature Festival and the Swan Theatre, RSC. Adverse Camber are thrilled to present the show in six venues across the UK from the Theatre Royal Margate in the South, right up to the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow as part of the Village Storytelling Festival, also visiting the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton, North Wall Oxford, and STUN at Z-arts in Manchester and London’s Canada Water Culture Space.

‘The Old Woman, The Buffalo and the Lion of Manding’ is a fantastic opportunity to hear a story that reaches across the centuries from its origins in 13th century Africa, to the recent conflicts of our own time when its telling was forbidden. Music has now returned to Mali, after militants who took control of the area forbade all traditional culture to be shared. This epic story of Mali, cradled in an evocative musical soundscape, will undeniably immerse you in the majesty, passion and music of West Africa.  

The show is suitable for adults and young people aged 14+. Find out more about the show and book tickets via


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