Manchester-based media production company, Life in Motion, has been commissioned by the BBC to produce a series of 10 short films for its ‘Super Movers’ initiative, in partnership with the Premier League.

The only company of its kind in Manchester, Life in Motion is led by a team of multi-skilled industry experts in music, film, movement and production, who have already started work on the project aimed at inspiring primary school aged children to get active at school and at home.

Life in Motion won the commission thanks to its understanding of how children move and mimic, as well as its ability to produce content that will both engage and inspire.

Ten films will be shot in total – five for under seven-year olds and a further five for seven to 11-year-old pupils, which have been adapted from the original to include more challenging moves and age-appropriate cultural references.

Life in Motion will use original choreography and music in each film, which will be shot in June at locations around Manchester and Stockport.

Crucially, each film has been thoughtfully designed to ensure inclusivity for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Life in Motion is currently working closely with local families and taking advice from the SEND team at Beaver Road Primary School in Didsbury to ensure its films ignite a spark in children of all abilities.

Life in Motion Creative Director, Julie Kavanagh said: “As parents who love to see children move, and as professionals who know exactly how to make this happen, the team is delighted to be working with the BBC on its brilliant Super Movers campaign.

“While many production companies commission choreographers from time to time, they do not offer what we do and that is a full-time team of choreographers and creatives working together every day, with a thorough understanding of how movement and production work in tandem – this is what Life in Motion is about!

“We’ve already cast three brilliant teenagers for the films, who are talented, aspirational and charismatic and we can’t wait to see how primary children throughout the UK will react to them.”

Super Movers’ Executive Producer, Dan Gooding said: “Life in Motion demonstrated a thorough understanding of what Super Movers is all about, including the requirement for the project to speak to children of all abilities from five to 11 years of age.

“In addition, the team showed us a highly original idea, with a focus on quality of choreography and movement that will get primary aged children and their families moving and having fun together.”

With years of film and TV experience, the Life in Motion team was behind the choreography and movement on the recent Warburton’s Pride and Breadjudice with Peter Kaye and ITV’s Cold Feet dream sequence.


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