An exhibition that explores manipulation of the body – from the grotesque to the beautiful – closes at The Lowry in Salford on Sunday 23 February)

The State of Us features a collection of work by ten international artists that have experimented with the body and technology to transform, manipulate, reinvent or reshape how we see and understand ourselves.

Work is on display from Belgium, Canada, Germany, the Philippines, Russia, the UK and the USA.

It includes: Virus by William Latham: a virtual reality trip through the microscopic world of viruses; A Generative Adversarial Network by Matthew Biederman: a series of airport body scans that try to identify threats; and Until I Die a sculpture that uses fake human blood to create electricity by ::vtol::.

Lucy Dusgate, curator of the exhibition for The Lowry, said: “The State of Us has seen visitors’ perceptions of the human body challenged. As Mary Shelley wrote in Frankenstein – the human body was a ‘workshop of filthy creation’ – and never has that statement been so accurate. Technology has enabled us to imagine the distance between truth and fantasy.”

The State of Us is the latest contemporary art exhibition at The Lowry and forms part of their commitment to presenting the best experimental art to audiences.


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