aged 29 of Sandhurst Terrace, Leeds has today been sentenced to four and a half years in jail after being found guilty of rape.

The court heard how in December 2018, the victim – a 21 -year-old woman – had been invited back to an address in Moston for a party before the victim consensually had sex with a man she had been speaking to.

During this, whilst the man had left the room, Egunbambi came into the room and tried to kiss the victim. She told him no and he left.

Later that same night, the victim was laid in bed facing the wall when she felt a man lie on top of her and start trying to have sex with her.

The victim told the man to stop and get off of her before turning on the light. Once she turned on the light, she saw that the man was Egunbambi, who had tried to kiss her earlier.

The victim left the address and reported the incident to police. She is being supported by specialist officers.

Detective Constable Paul Shacklady, of GMP’s City of Manchester’s Operation Challenger Unit said: “This is an appalling crime. Egunbambi had absolutely no respect for the fact that the victim had specifically expressed she wasn’t interested in him earlier on in the night, instead feeling he was entitled to violate and rape her.

“Hopefully this sentencing sends a clear a message this this behaviour will absolutely not be tolerated and any offenders will be made to face the full consequences of their actions.”


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