The tech sector is without doubt one of the fastest growing on the planet, especially in the UK. With growth continuing at such an impressive rate, it has led to the consistent creation of jobs, which is great news for those looking to get involved with technology. However, for tech companies, recruiting talent has become somewhat of a difficult task.

It’s not just in the UK where it can prove difficult to find and hire tech talent, this is a concern on a global scale, with the stumbling block being there’s simply a shortage of candidates when compared to the number of jobs in the sector available. But, fear not, we’ve got some great tips on how to recruit for tech companies.

Most jobs in the tech sector are what many would describe as skilled, so it’s vital that those tasked with doing the recruiting speak the right language. It’s no good having a recruiter or team of recruiters who know nothing about the jobs they’re looking to fill and exactly what they entail. Tech companies need to ensure those undertaking the recruitment are experts in the field, as this will enable them to build up a rapport with candidates, while also having more of a chance of finding the right hire. 

So for example, tech companies like Intouch Games frequently utilise the services of Indeed, who is one of the most renowned recruitment sites in the world. In fact, they are extremely effective in finding the right people for the right job, with useful functionality like a section where employees can leave honest comments on past and/or current experiences with employers.

Tech companies and those doing the recruiting will for the most part know exactly what type of candidates they’re looking for, but it’s important to delve a bit deeper to work out what the candidate will want from the company. Tech workers need to feel motivated and challenged, and this can often be a deal breaker, so as well as determining a healthy salary and benefits, it’s vital to consider what the job offers in respect of motivation.

Talking of challenges, the tech world is full of them, and potential candidates will love nothing more than proving what they’re made of by solving them. Therefore, it’s become somewhat common for challenges to be provided to potential new hires for them to solve as part of the recruitment process. This appeals massively to both parties, as the candidate can show off their skills, while the recruiter can potentially try before they buy.

Recruitment is often a case of advertising vacancies and waiting for people to apply, however, this shouldn’t always apply to those looking to recruit in the tech sector. Tech workers, especially the most skilled, are unlikely to be browsing jobs sites, so this ultimately means the recruiter will need to effectively go to them. There are some very popular tech forums and websites out there, and these are generally the place to seek out some of the best tech talent.

By effectively head-hunting tech talent, it will also show that the company is one who mean business and know what they’re doing, making it more of an attractive proposition for tech candidates than businesses who simply post a vacancy and sit back and wait. Hiring in the tech sector requires a pro-active approach, and this is ultimately what should lead to successful recruitment taking place.


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