Cold weather can be a challenge when it comes to keeping your home toasty. When the icy air descends, the simple solution is to turn the heating up. However, this is not possible for many UK homeowners.

With rising heating costs and the government’s 2020 carbon commitment under threat, UK households can kill two proverbial birds with one stone.

Install an A+Rated Boiler

British Gas estimate around 60% of your energy bill is spent keeping your house warm. However, most UK households still have legacy boilers which are not energy efficient.

Experts claim that replacing your old boiler with a SEDBUK A-rated condensing boiler can reduce household carbon dioxide emissions and save around £200-£300 a year on your energy bill. Check out the price comparison website BoilerQuoter for the best deals on A+rated boilers.

Wrap Up Your Hot Water Tank and Pipes

If installing a new boiler is not in your budget range, Energy Saving Trust claim wrapping your water tank and pipes in an insulation blanket at least 80mm thick can cut heat loss by as much as 75% and save £85 a year heating a flat.

Insulation blankets are made from a variety of thermal resistance materials including foil and fibreglass. They help to keep pipes warm and retain heat meaning homeowners can lower temperature settings and turn the heating off earlier.

Adopt The 30-Minute Rule

The Centre for Sustainable Energy recommends using temperature control and timer to turn the heating on 30 minutes before you need it and turn it off 30 minutes before you won’t be using it.

Boilers heat at a constant speed regardless of the temperature you set it. Leaving your heating on all day at a low heat is a waste of energy if you’re not using it.

Improve Insulation

Homes that not well insulated lose a significant amount of heat. Experts estimate around 35% of the heat generated by your central heating system is lost through the walls, 25% through the roof, and 10% through unsealed doors and windows.

A consultant from national comparison website, Price Experts says, “Heat lost through poorly insulated doors and windows costs the average British household around £200 a year more on their energy bill.”

Experts claim that insulating your home with just 25cm of insulation in the loft and injecting a thermal insulator into the cavity walls could save up to £160 a year on heating bills.

Close Doors

A very simple way of retaining heat in a room is to close the doors. You can also distribute heat into rooms that are being used and turn off the heating in rooms that are not being used.

Moreover, if the entire family are in one room, you can use thermostats to turn the heating off in the bedrooms until 30-minutes before going to bed. Another plus is that when the family are all together, you can have fun by playing games that keep you warm.

For more advice about energy conservation, contact your energy supplier or and ask if they perform a free evaluation to assess the heat efficiency in your home. They will show you where you can make improvements and estimate how much you can save on your utility bill.


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