One of the most common questions we get at our store is how to maintain oak doors for long-lasting durability.  hard and dense and has a distinctive grain pattern that makes it look like an old English oak door. Oak is also some of the most durable wood you can choose for door construction.

The truth is, most people have no idea what they’re buying when they purchase oak doors. It looks great, but there could be a lot more than meets the eye if you’re not careful in what kind of oak you buy.

This article is about common mistakes in maintaining oak doors that make them weaker and can cause premature deterioration.

Oak doors are one of the most durable and long-lasting interior door types. From a maintenance perspective, they are easy to maintain and repair.

If you have oak doors, here are some common mistakes to avoid

Do not clean your oak doors with any type of ammonia-containing cleaning product. This is especially important if your house has a lot of pets or if you have had any type of chemical or cleaning product exposure in the past.

Do not sand or smooth your oak doors too much. Sanding takes off wood grain and can weaken the door over time.

Do not paint over your oak doors after installation. This may be tempting, but painting over an already painted door will just cause condensation problems and reduce its strength over time.

Avoid leaving old car wax on the surface of your wood for too long. It can lead to cracking and peeling of the paint, which is just another reason to remove it as soon as possible.

At the end of their life, oak doors should be taken down and replaced. This is because they are primarily made of hard oak (also known as European Oak) and are not designed to withstand the weather.

Hardwood species other than oak are not as durable, especially in the elements. For doors, this means they will rot more quickly and will often split or crack because they are made with softer species.

There are several things you can do to keep your door looking its best for longer

– Don’t paint over it: Paint may look nice, but it doesn’t preserve the wood and if you’re going to have to paint again in a year’s time, what’s the point?

– Have a professional replace it: Best to find an experienced woodworker who understands that doors aren’t one-use items; they’re meant to last for a long time. They can even make your house prettier!

– Maintain it appropriately: To prevent cracking on your door, avoid leaving it exposed all year round. Wood expands and contracts, so sometimes you’ll need to take a wedge out of the hinge or cover the base of the door with insulation foam to prevent warping.

We’re often asked how to keep oak doors lasting longer, and there’s really no secret ingredient; they just need to be looked after. For example, the oil used on oak doors is a natural product that is a by-product of oak tree growth. The best way to keep your oak doors looking great is through regular maintenance.

It’s important to remember that an oak door is made from a renewable resource, so you needn’t be too heavy-handed with the cleaning and polishing if you follow these simple tips.

When it comes to cleaning, always use a soft cloth instead of a chemical cleaner. A soft cloth is gentler and won’t damage the surface or strip any of the protective oils from it.

For polishing, always use paste wax with an old toothbrush or a fine-tipped applicator instead of a ready-to-use wax product.

It’s recommended that you buy and use a wooden furniture polish at least once every six months to protect your wooden items and give them that all-over shine.


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