Being findable online is very important, regardless of whether you sell or operate from a physical location or not. 87% of customers will look online first before buying a product, for example, and it’s common practice to search for businesses on map apps like Google Maps.

It’s time to consider your online presence as an extension of your physical business because that is how you are going to connect better with your customers, increase sales, and see more foot traffic to your store.

For all of this to become a reality you are going to want to follow this guide: 

Revamp Your Website 

If your website hasn’t had a redesign or update in at least three years, then it’s time to reinvest some time and energy into it. Depending on what state your website is in, it might be necessary to invest in a complete website overhaul. 


  • Design 


The design needs to be modern, interactive, and sleek. This is particularly because websites today need to be mobile-first. Too many elements on one page will be distracting and unsightly on a small screen, and before you think this doesn’t apply to you, know that the majority of internet users access sites via their phones. 


  • User Friendliness 


It needs to be very easy to find information. It needs to be simple to navigate. It needs to be flawless (especially in any checkout or sign up processes). 


  • SEO 


There are many components to an optimized site, but before you start thinking all your effort will only be for Google’s algorithms know that Google’s goal is for websites to improve themselves for the sake of their users. That means the things you do for Google will benefit and improve the experience for your customers. 

Invest in SEO 

On-site SEO and off-site SEO from a reputable SEO agency is going to be one of the best investments you can make for your business, as it offers a dual approach to marketing. In one case, SEO works to improve your ranking on search engines. On the other hand it also works to improve the experience of your own users and increase visibility. 

Tip: As a local business in Manchester, you will see better results than trying to rank on global keywords, so remember to insist on local SEO tactics for your business.

Create Compelling Content 

Know what type of content your customers want to see to help them make better decisions, learn something, or make them laugh. Optimized content is easy to market and a great way to keep your site updated and give your customers an excuse to visit and even share pages from your website. 

Grow Your Social Media Following 

Maintain a healthy social media profile and don’t forget to encourage people to take photos in your store and post them online. Reviews, photos, and general interest by your customers is a great way to increase visibility and bring more people into your store.  

Invest in PPC Marketing 

PPC marketing is the fast solution to get to the top of search results, and if you have invested in on-site and off-site SEO then you will have everything you need to get started with PPC marketing. Use the same keywords you used to optimize each page you want to advertise, and you will have a better conversion rate and more satisfied users visiting your site. 


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