For the third year running BBC Music Day takes over the tram announcements in Manchester with another iconic artist from the city.

This year Manchester legend, Elbow lead singer and BBC Radio 6 Music presenter, Guy Garvey, lends his distinctive voice to entertain passengers on BBC Music Day on Thursday 26th September at 93 stops across Greater Manchester.

In 2017 Shaun Ryder twisted his melon for Manchester Metrolink and in 2018 the real thing Lisa Stansfield was in charge of the tannoy.

Guy’s announcements this year reflect some of his favourite places in a guide to the city and its famous musical connections and heritage:

“Hello folks, it’s Guy Garvey, here for one day taking over the tram announcements. This fabled city rumbles with reverberations, echoes and rhythms. The soundtrack of Mancunian voices have travelled the world, and made this place famous for its music. What better place to celebrate BBC Music Day?”

“Hello Greater Manchester, City of Music! It’s your old friend, Guy Garvey here on BBC Music Day… I love this place. Where else would you find a hidden walk under umbrellas? Or fall under the spell of the oldest orchestra in the world? Enjoy your tram journey on BBC Music Day.”

Listen to some of the announcements here on the BBC Music Day website – And you can hear the rest if you’re travelling on the tram from 7am on Thursday 26th September 2019!

BBC Music Day Commissioning Executive, Rebecca Sandiford, said: “We love doing these fun Tram announcements on BBC Music Day. They’ve become quite a tradition now! It’s a great way to put a smile on everyone’s faces as we bring music to people across the day. Thanks so much to Guy Garvey for supporting BBC Music Day 2019 in this way, I’m really looking forward to seeing the reaction!”

Clodagh Buckley at TfGM said: “TfGM is delighted to be a part of BBC Music Day for the third year running and we are really looking forward to hearing Guy Garvey entertain our Metrolink customers as our special guest announcer. With over 100,000 customers travelling by tram every day, it’s a great way to help the BBC spread the power of music across Greater Manchester.”


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