A fugitive from Greater Manchester is on the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) list of 12 of the UK’s most wanted believed to be hiding in Spain.

Callum Halpin, 27, is wanted by Greater Manchester Police in connection with the murder of Luke Graham, 31, and the attempted murder of Anton Verigotta.

Graham, a dad-of-two, was ambushed and shot dead in a drugs turf war in broad daylight on a street in Ashton-under-Lyne in June 2018.

Detective Inspector Lee Barrow, from GMP’s City of Manchester CID, oversaw the original investigation that saw five men jailed in 2019.

DI Barrow said: “We believe Halpin is in Spain so have linked in with the NCA as they have a network of officers across Spain, to open up a flow of information between us to try and locate him.

“We know he went to Spain in 2018 – we have evidence to suggest he was there for some time and that there is a strong possibility he is in southern Spain.

“He is a very dangerous individual who has access to firearms. The murder was carried out on a residential street and children had to run to cover.

“If anyone is hiding him or knows where he is, he does not deserve their loyalty and they should confidentially report his whereabouts to police, either GMP, the NCA or Crimestoppers.”


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