Staff at Dogs Trust Manchester have gone the extra mile by giving a dog who has been waiting more than a year for a new home a special day out.

Now the team are hoping that as Valentine’s Day approaches, Collie Cross Oliver will soon have his very own special someone to head off on adventures with.

Oliver is one of the centre’s most long-term residents and as the anniversary of his arrival at the Denton-based rehoming centre approached, Canine Carers Danny Herrington and Cameron Chatton decided he deserved a special day trip, so they donned their walking boots and headed for the hills.

“All of our staff go the extra mile for our dogs every day, so it was no surprise when Danny and Cameron decided to take Oliver out and about. They took him to the Peak District and although Oliver is ten, there was no stopping him. He happily hiked up Kinder Scout and although they might have fancied a breather, Oliver was more than happy to keep on going until they reached the summit. He had a fantastic time!

Like many Collies, Oliver doesn’t like traffic noise so this was a dream day out for him and he loved every minute of it. We really are hoping that very soon he’ll be having many more day trips with a family of his own.” (Dawn Bishop, Dogs Trust Manchester Manager)

Oliver was handed over to Dogs Trust Manchester in January last year after a change in his family’s circumstances meant he could no longer stay with them. He is a typical Collie who loves to keep active, his favourite game being fetch which he excels at. Oliver likes to keep his brain busy too and is definitely proof that you can teach an older dog new tricks as he picks new things up really quickly.


“Oliver is such a gorgeous boy and once he’s got to know you, especially if you are a fan of playing fetch, he’s definitely a friend for life! He simply needs a quiet home with people who like to get out and about for lovely walks. He would like a home without children so there isn’t too much hustle and bustle but he has previously lived with a cat so he could potentially share his new home with a feline friend.

We would love it if Oliver could finally find his special someone. He may be an older chap but he really loves living life to the full and he really does deserve to find his perfect partner.” (Dawn Bishop)

If you think you could be the perfect partner for Oliver click here for more information. Or get in touch on this number 0161 470 1042.


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