A thousand giant ants made from the cast of human skulls are set to take over The Lowry later this month as part of an art installation by the Columbian sculptor, Rafael Gómezbarros.

The exhibition, which is entitled Casa Tomada, runs from Sat 24 January until Sun 25 April (2015) in The Lowry’s Promenade Gallery and will be the first time that Gómezbarros’ work will be seen in the UK outside of London.

It seeks to highlight issues experienced by undocumented immigrants and migrant workers, individuals that are often displaced by war and unrest in their native countries.

Each of the 1,000 ants are over two feet in length and are made of fibreglass resin, fabric, branches and the cast of two human skulls. The installation celebrates the hardworking and productive nature of ants and in turn the positive contribution that migrants and immigrants can make to society.

Casa Tomada comes to The Lowry directly from London’s Saatchi Gallery and has previously been displayed on historical buildings such as Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino and Barranquilla’s customs building in Colombia.

Their purpose is to make visible those people who can feel invisible and ignored by society.

Michael Simpson, director of visual art and engagement at The Lowry, said: “We are delighted to have secured this extraordinary installation piece. Rafael is very keen that Casa Tomada is displayed only in cities that have a history as a point of arrival and departure – Havana, Bogota, London and now, Salford”.


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