Technology is advancing at a rate that a decade or two ago would have been unbelievable, robotic help is now upon us.

Seven in ten Americans would trust a robot to do their chores, according to research from Yahoo.

But what about Brits?

To find out, Specops Software surveyed 2,424 British consumers. The survey comprised questions on the characteristics of domestic robots; its purpose to identify the elements Brits believe would make one “ideal” for the home.

An overwhelming majority of the participants (82%) would like their domestic robot to have gender-neutral characteristics. The same amount of people were wary of the robot having access to their personal and private data.

The issue of robots having the ability to remember certain things or forget was a much more contested point. 59% of the participants wanted the robot to remember and 41% would like the device to forget.

61% of people who took the survey said that they do not want domestic robots to read emotion. Just under nine out of ten Brits would like to have the ability to modify their domestic robot.

If there were domestic robots 39% of the people who undertook the survey would be likely to buy a domestic robot.


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