Generational Shift

Every generation says that kids are smarter earlier than their forebears. Today’s teenagers are among the first to grow up in a tech-driven society. Almost every aspect of modern life revolves around technology. That’s why the teens of today are the most tech-savvy in world history thus far. 

That’s also why modern teenagers must know how to traverse the world both physically and technologically. As an indirect consequence of society’s increasingly rapid modernization, kids these days are far more likely to end up under the supervision of well-meaning helicopter parents, governments, and major corporations alike.

Individual Liberty

 Everyone knows that not everyone’s the same. Despite that well-known fact, the very notion of today’s youth is often generalized to the point where everyone in school gets stopped by the same firewall. Today’s teenagers can launch start-ups and make their mark on the world early. 

The best and brightest among them probably want their internet activity unshackled. They’ll desire to be free of the supervision of their school, their parents, or anyone else interested in monitoring their online activity. To that end, some of them may even already have set up a proxy network from a proxy provider, like Smartproxy.

Why Some Teens Choose Diplomacy Via Proxy

There’s no denying that there will be no shortage of teenage boys who will try to use the internet for nothing more than a cheap thrill beneath their parent’s notice. But rather than adopt a cynical view of the generation that will form the foundation of tomorrow’s world, we’ll instead focus on why modern teens will choose to fight today’s information war by proxy. 

It’s not entirely outside of the realm of possibility that there may be a few industrious teens who’ll want to do their research privately for reasons of their own. That means that blocking corporations from watching their activity will force them to work off the parental grid.

The Benefits of Getting a Proxy Provider Early

There will be times when a particular teenage mind will be more tech-savvy than expressive. That’s why they won’t always know how to articulate why they won’t use their residential proxy network to look at material that they wouldn’t feel comfortable looking at in front of others. 

Many of today’s parents were teens themselves in the nineties when the internet first became widely available to everyone. Back then, a kid with a smartphone was a rare occurrence anywhere in the world. 

These days, teens have access to technology comparable to the tech that astronauts used back when space travel first became a reality back in the fifties. That’s why it isn’t hard to imagine that learning how big data operates isn’t entirely out of the question at an early age.

Optimistically speaking, modern teens can get a head start on large-scale data collection methods now. They may not have much competition among their peers at present, but they’ll be ahead of the curve when everyone else realizes they have to catch up. Learning how to use web scraping tools may even be part of their curriculum at school or in an online course.

How to Dodge Big Brother

It may come as a surprise to some of our younger readers, but it’s surprisingly easy to keep track of how teens use the internet. Many different keylogger apps help parents keep track of their kids. Several of them are even free to download, thus making it even easier for parents to track and monitor them.

Here are a few examples:

The internet is indeed a place where bad things happen. Any good parent will want to protect their child from online predators and so on. With that said, there are exceptional teens out there who want to browse the internet without training wheels. 

Perhaps they’ll want to search for help with a mental health crisis but don’t want anyone to know about it. That’s undoubtedly the kind of teenage mind that could use an exceptional service from different proxy providers.

Modern Teens Are Under Attack Online

It’s every parent’s prerogative to protect their kids from the dark side of the internet. However, not every teenager is so helpless that they need to have virtual helicopter parents dictating their every move. 

A good proxy provider will serve as an invaluable tool to defend exceptional minds from legalized exploitation of their online activity. The brightest among them will want to take their young enterprise to new heights with the best tech available to them. This kind of technology should be seen as an advantage by all measures.


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