Gambling in Luxembourg is prohibited, according to the 1977 Gaming Law, however, thanks to the acts of the most recent legislation, certain exceptions were enabled. These are the only casino operating in the country since 2017, the “Casino 2000” and the National Lottery. Although the current government plans to legalize new casinos through a modification in the legislation; the corresponding decisions have not yet been made. 

In this way, it could be said that there is an ambiguity in the gaming law of this country, since it prohibits gambling, but at the same time allows those exceptions, which are legal. On the other hand, there are the casino sites in Luxembourg, which are in a kind of gray area in this legislation.

Online gambling in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg gaming law does not distinguish between physical and online gaming; therefore, the virtual world is governed by the same rules that apply to the physical gaming world. 

This means that the only legal online portal for gambling in Luxembourg is that of the National Lottery, since the law enables it to offer any kind of lotteries and sports betting, including online betting. 

However, the Luxembourg government does not restrict or block other websites offering their services in the country. In fact, there are many casino sites in Luxembourg available to its citizens. These casinos are not based in Luxembourg, but are located in other parts of the world where online gambling is legal. Many of these casinos accept players from Luxembourg, as the law does not prohibit citizens from wagering their money on these sites remotely.

Although this market is not yet fully regulated, the gambling industry in this country ranks third in the EU in terms of revenue. Therefore, this segment implies an important economic income that cannot be underestimated.

Tips when playing at an online casino

Choosing a legal and verified operator: The first thing to consider is to choose a legit casino site before registering. It is crucial to gamble at a legal and trustworthy online casino, and the criteria below is the one you should follow. 

By following this tips when playing at an online casino, you can rest assure you will be gambling safely.

– The online casino must be legal in Luxembourg; therefore, it must have a European license. Secure and certified casinos that accept players from Luxembourg are supervised by the European Gaming Commission, “The Malta Gaming Authority”. And this fact must be explicitly stated on the website of the operator in question.

– Every casino game must be fair and must show its RTP percentage. In order to certify this, the games must be regularly audited by an independent entity that can verify and certify the proper and fair operation of the games. The audited games also carry a certification that must appear on the casino’s website.

– The casino must offer customer service that is available 24 hours a day, year-round. Not only that, but it must also be able to offer multilingual support in order to satisfy any questions or problems that any player in Luxembourg may have. In addition, it is important that the service is available through different means, such as telephone, mail and live chat.

– A legitimate casino must make payments securely and quickly. There should be no major delays when making transactions and there should be no restrictions or requirements that have not been specified in advance. Players’ winnings must be paid out unconditionally.

– A good welcome program must be available. The casino should offer welcome bonuses that allow players to gamble without the need to invest, at least once.

– You should always take into account the reviews that exist about the online casinos available. The best and safest casinos live by their reputation, so they will always work hard to maintain it.


The online gambling industry has reached every corner of the world, even countries that prohibit gambling. In this regard, Luxembourg has chosen to allow foreign operators to provide services to the country’s inhabitants without interference, as they have no means to ban or block illegal resources. This allows gambling to develop quite successfully in the country, although it could improve once they revise the law stipulated decades ago.


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