The Harris Museum, Art Gallery and Library, in partnership with The Courtauld Gallery London, have forged links with workers on the old Courtaulds factory site at Red Scar to choose a painting from The Courtauld Gallery’s world famous collection of French Impressionist Paintings to go on show at the Harris.

A sunny view of Deauville, a fashionable seaside resort in Normandy popular with 19th Century Parisian holidaymakers, by Eugène Boudin was chosen from a short list of seven.

Painted in 1893 – in the same year the Harris officially opened –
it will go on display in the fine art galleries from Saturday 10 February until 20 May 2018.

A fabulous opportunity to see a French Impressionist painting at the Harris, bringing summer a little bit closer for everyone in Preston this year. Look out for events taking place throughout the exhibition, including a reunion event for ex-Courtaulds employees and their families.

Lindsey McCormick, Fine Art Curator at the Harris said:
“Chosen by people working at Red Scar, the Harris is delighted to bring Boudin’s painting to audiences in and around Preston. It will be displayed alongside archive photographs, objects and film to highlight the history of Courtaulds factory. The exhibition will also include new photography inspired by the site, and visitors will be able to listen to former employees talking about what it was like to work at the factory in the 1960s and 70s.”

The Harris are also asking people who enjoy writing poetry and are inspired by the painting’s theme of a day on the beach,and the Courtauld project to contribute poetry to go on display in the exhibition. Visit  website to find out more.


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