Today marks the fourth anniversary of Cheriff Tall and Junior Ajose who were shot in Moss Side with tha main suspect remaining outstanding who police  believe has strong connections to Birmingham

On the anniversary Police are appealing to witnesses to do the right thing and tell them what they know to help bring justice

The shooting took both their lives of 36-year-old Junior Ajose and 21-year-old Cheriff Tall in the early hours of Sunday 21 June 2020 in a car park off Caythorpe Street in Moss Side.

Under Operation Tarnbrook, vital evidence to apprehend the outstanding suspect who used the firearm is still needed.

Police investigating strongly believe the person has connections to Birmingham and is not from the local community in Manchester.

Over the years the investigation has seen several warrants carried out which has also led to several people being questioned in custody and the seizure of mobile phones for forensic analysis.

A £50,000 reward launched last year, for key information that leads to the discovery and conviction of the killer remains available as police try to tirelessly piece together evidence to bring the offender to justice.

Police say they remain committed on investigating their murder and know key answers do still lie within the community through witnesses as it is estimated that 300-400 people were present in the car park that night enjoying themselves.

The investigation team believes that some of those present would be able to provide crucial eye witness accounts.

Detective Chief Inspector and Senior Investigating Officer, Neil Higginson from our Major Incident Team once again appealed to anyone who knows what happened or may have seen something to come forward and do the right thing, saying: “It’s four years since Cheriff and Junior went to a party and did not return. Their two families remain devastated by their losses.

“We can never bring Cheriff and Junior back, but we can make things slightly better for their loved ones by bringing them the justice they are so desperate for, and we can only achieve this with the help of the community.

“We know that there were hundreds of people in the car park that night and I’m sure that many people must have seen something, whether that be the full incident or just part of it.

“However, there has been a reluctance for those witnesses to come forward with information. I understand that people might be scared, and that is normal given what has happened but, there is a range of measures that we can put in place to keep witnesses safe. Evidence can be given on video or behind a screen. It could also be that we could apply to the courts for the witness to be anonymous if there are grounds to do so.

“I’d just ask for you to come forward and we can have an honest chat about what we can do, as you don’t have to commit to giving a statement in the first instance.

“The person responsible for these murders we believe is from Birmingham and he is not a member of the local Moss Side community, so should not be protected.

“Anyone who comes forward in this case is not a ‘grass’ for helping the police, they are simply doing what is right for two families who have had their loved ones taken from them in terrible circumstances. No one deserves that.

“When we have worked together in the past, we have achieved great results and if we work together again, we can get justice for Cheriff and Junior.”


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