The former Labour Chancellor Lord Darling has died at the age of 70

Alistair Darling was Chancellor under Gordon Brown during the 2008 financial crash and oversaw the state rescue of British lender Northern Rock, tackling the first run on a retail bank in Britain since the 19th century, just a few months into the job.

In October 2008, he led a £37 billion-government bailout of Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB and HBOS to help them survive the credit crunch, effectively nationalising some of Britain’s biggest banks in the process.

Paying tribute Alastair Campbell said

So so sad to hear Alistair Darling has died. A lovely man who always put others before himself. A team player. He did a succession of Cabinet jobs from start to finish of the New Labour era and did every one of them well. Last time I saw him not that long ago he seemed fit and well. Shocking news. A case of the good dying young. Love and sympathy to his diamond wife Maggie and their lovely two children


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