The Football Leaks’ hacker, Rui Pinto has said that he will release bombshell Manchestee City emails and documents that he claims will prove that the club have breached Financial Fair Play rules.

Speaking at an event in Marbella in Spain,Rinto insisted that he’s confident  that the authorities will “find criminal relevancy”.

The 35-year-old has been in witness protection since 2020.

Last year, a Portuguese court gave him a four-year suspended sentence for attempted extortion and illegal data access, sparing him prison time.

Rui Pinto’s lawyer stated they’ve been approached to share unreleased information.

They haven’t done so but have a ‘massive file of Manchester City-related documents that has yet to be released.. the files will be published at some point.’

Pinto gave only a small amount to the media but kept hold of most. He’s said that the email releases showed amounts of money being paid into by the club that were not mentioned to the football authorities.

He has now handed five hard drives to French & German authorities with millions of documents, including more on City & described what is on each.


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