Working from home has become a general part of life other the last couple of years. FlexiSpot has revolutionised the way we can effectively carry out work from our home office space with an innovative and highly practical smart desk.

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk EG8 is a multi functional smart desk with a host of features to make your life working from home smoother.

If you are planning to have multiple users sit and work at the desk the Comhar EG8 has a save function for different height settings. Simply save your preferred height and select your setting from the control panel and the desk will move to your height.

The control panel also features a lock button, with the buttons being touch activated this setting avoids any inconvenient changes with potential brushes of the buttons or any pet related accidental presses.

Staying with safety, the desk also offers an ‘anti-collision’ function. This ensures that any items under the desk will not be crushed with the downward motion when adjusting height. The desk will not continue lowering if it senses an object underneath.

The ability to stand and work has numerous benefits including improving posture, reducing back pain and keeping circulation going. Research even suggests it burns more calories than sitting at a desk. The Comhar EG8 offers users the best of both worlds. Effortlessly move between sitting and standing settings with the touch of just one button.

A stand out feature, the UBS ports. The desk comes with three USB ports (2x USB Type-A, 1x Type-C) to help charge your devices. Save your time and working momentum looking for chargers, just plug in your charger leader to the desk and charge from there. It has saved me multiple times so far!

The UBS ports also help to keep your workspace more tidy, with less power sockets needed and therefore less wires to tangle behind the desk.

Available in either black or white the stunning design would light up any office space, with a tempered glass table top to top off the sleek look of the desk. With rounded smooth edges that promote safety and add to the modern look. The tempered glass is also solid and can withstand substantial weight.

The Comhar EG8 also has a large spacious draw in the middle, which is perfect for storing essentials. The draw is perfectly designed to supply you with storage space but not hinder the overall design of the desk. The desk really does look fantastic.

The desk arrives in two boxed and assembly is necessary. Putting it together is a skill level of moderate as there are tricky moments and if you can rope in a second pair of hands to help this would be ideal. After assembly the desk is ready to go and straightforward to use and functions well.

Priced at £469.99 the desk is at a competitive price point in the smart desk market, especially when considering what you get for your money. With that said FlexiSpot have an offer on the desk at the moment and using the code NWEG8 at checkout you can receive a discount of £100. At £369.99 the desk is extreme value for money.

The desk also comes with a 5 year warranty for the frame and 3 year warranty on the motor.

If you’re time working from home is continuing this is a great purchase. Even if you are working hybrid the desk provided a great upgrade. Aesthetically superb and functionally excellent with a massive variety of ways to use, the FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk EG8 is a true advancement in how we work and interact at our desks.

More information and to purchase the FlexiSpot Comhar EG8 click here.


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