A Cheshire-based figurative artist will be making an appearance in Manchester this week to unveil her latest body of work, Eden.

Art fans can meet Emma Grzonkowski  at Castle Fine Art on King Street on Thursday 13th December between 6pm and 8pm, when she will speak about the themes and techniques behind the new collection. The works will then be on display at the gallery for a further week.

Inspired by the ethereal nature of women, Eden sees Grzonkowski fuse reality with fantasy. The collection takes its title from the Garden of Eden, a paradise described in the biblical Book of Genesis and later depicted in classical artworks including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

Originally from Northwich and now living in Chester, Grzonkowski found her artistic direction whilst studying for her degree, when she was given free rein to experiment and find her own style. Her desire to paint from the soul grew and she found herself painting endlessly. Grzonkowski’s art has since caught the attention of music giant Spotify, which commissioned her to create a painting for its very first live event, ‘Who We Be Live’, in 2017.

Speaking about her new collection, Emma Grzonkowski said: “I am in a much brighter place than I have been with previous works. Whilst in the past I’ve centred on overcoming trauma, the female figures in Eden exude a sense of happiness and peace.

“I felt that the theme of Eden suited this work perfectly, both visually and metaphorically. The garden relates to the idea of creation and a fresh start, which is represented in the collection’s narrative undertones. My figures are frozen in an existential, dreamlike state.”

Nic Beese, gallery manager at Castle Fine Art, King Street, said: “Emma is an extremely talented artist and her work has always proven to be very popular. We can’t wait to welcome her to the gallery to meet our guests and share her latest collection of works.

“This is a chance for art enthusiasts and fans of Emma’s work to delve deeper into her processes and techniques, as well as learn more about her previous collections and how she established herself as an artist.”


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