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Women are often told that they should lift weights and that it’s a great form of exercise, but how confident do you feel when picking up the heavy stuff? It’s easy for woment to feel intimidated and many feel vulnerable when men approach offering unsolicited advice (often incorrect) in regard to the best lifting techniques.

On Sunday 19th February, London based personal trainer Samantha McGowan, is back in Manchester to host ‘The Gym Confidence Workshop’, to teach women in Manchester the basics of strength training so they feel their best in the gym.

The session, held at the Train Urban gym on Tariff Street (under Feel Good Club in the Northern Quarter), will teach attendees how to squat and deadlift alongside upper body movements, so attendees will  know exactly how each exercise should feel and why.

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The two hour workshop will cover the basics of barbell, dumbbell and machine work whilst giving guests the confidence to do these exercises alone in their next gym session.

It’s a day for everyone, no one is going to be judged and everyone in the session is there because they have felt awkward at some point when they try to lift weights.

Learning to feel confident in the way that you move, will not only make you enjoyy it more, but will help you achieve your goals – whether this is physical, performance driven or for your overall health.

Location – Train Urban, Tariff Street, Manchester, M1 2EH

Date – Sunday 19th February

Time – 10.30-12.30pm or 13.30-15.30pm

Two sessions will run from 10.30-12.30pm and 13.30-15.30pm with 16 tickets available per workshop, prices start from £49 (use the code ‘EARLYAF’ for a £10 early bird discount), tickets are available here.

About Samantha McGowan

Originally from Manchester, Sam is a PT based in London. She grew up as a high-level gymnast and competed in multiple sports, when she left this behind, she felt lost. It was only when she started a marketing job for one of the world’s leading personal training brands that she truly found a love for the gym and lifting. She has been a trainer for nearly four years and has worked with hundreds of clients to help them achieve their goals. Sam founded The Strong AF Club which is a fitness community aimed at helping women to become their strongest and healthiest selves without spending all of the time in the gym.

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