One of the world’s most renowned yoga tutors, Matt Ryan, is making a return to the city with the arrival of his new ‘YogaMCR’ studio, just off Deansgate.

The ex-Hacienda DJ, with over 20 years of yoga experience, boasts a multitude of famous faces as clients, including Russell Brand, members of The Stone Roses and English Premier League footballers. Having taught yoga everywhere from India to America, opening up studios in London and Los Angeles, the yoga master is returning to Manchester opening a studio that will offer ‘yoga for everyone’.

A Manchester native who spent years as a DJ in the infamous Hacienda and Home nightclubs, hung up his headphones in the 2000’s and left for Mysore, South India, where he spent months immersing himself in the world of Ashtanga Yoga. He has since developed his skills further and holds an Ashtanga Yoga level 2 qualification. The DJ, turned yoga instructor, also invented the ‘nee-ji’ – a knee support for yoga. His new yoga studio on Duke Street focuses on the basics of yoga helping to build strength and flexibility.

It’s accessible to everyone from those wanting a good stretch to those looking to learn more advanced yoga practices. The no-nonsense Yoga studio promises to make yoga accessible for all. Classes will take place daily with morning, lunchtime and evening yoga workshops which are suited for everyone from beginners to seasoned yoga enthusiasts.

“Having travelled the world for 20 years teaching Ashtanga Yoga to people of all walks of life, I felt it only right to come back to where my yoga journey initially began,” says Matt Ryan. “Returning to Manchester is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I can’t wait to teach Mancs that yoga can be for everyone, it doesn’t have to be just for people looking to find themselves within but for anyone wanting to be fitter, more flexible and stronger in mind and body. Come and stretch out, you’ll definitely feel better for it, that I can guarantee.”

Yoga Manchester hosts a variety of classes suited to all levels at Space at the Mill, Wellington Mill, Duke Street, Manchester, M3 4NF

The studio will open on Monday 20 February.

For more information and to book classes visit


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