A new energy consumer startup called Warmable has just expanded its services to Greater Manchester, including Bolton, Stockport and Altrincham. 

Started in 2022, the startup founded by Richard Allan and Daniel Tannenbaum gives customers access to more than 1,000 Gas Safe Registered Engineers when you are in need of boiler service in Manchester, repairs or installations.

“The role of boilers is so vital in every home,” explains Allan, who draws on more than 15 years as a landlord in London. “We take our boilers for granted, but when your boiler is on the brink, it means no hot water and heating for you and your family, especially with winter on the way.”

“Our platform allows you to access more than 1,000 professional installers and engineers across the UK, in real-time, so that you can receive a same day or next day visit on site.”

“When applying with Warmable, if a local engineer does not call you back within 20 minutes, you will receive a call from the main customer service desk who will ask some follow up questions and try to arrange a site visit as soon as possible.”

“Our service is completely free of charge and so is the assessment carried out by the engineer. We simply take a small fee from the professional if you wish to proceed. We are not operating in Greater Manchester including Salford and Altrincham and are delighted to help warm up homes all around the area and beyond.”

In the UK, engineers must have a Gas Safe registration to carry out any work on a boiler. These laws are in place to protect properties and their inhabitants from gas leaks, carbon monoxide exposure, fires and explosions.

Gas Safe registered engineers have the qualifications to work on such appliances and therefore you have peace of mind when working with Warmable that regulations and laws are being upheld. 

Once customers fill in the form on the Warmable website, they will be matched with a local engineer in the surrounding area who will perform a home visit at no charge, and provide homeowners with a free quote. Any new boiler installations and replacements are presented at a fixed market rate, to ensure transparency and no unnecessary mark-ups. 

The website services both homeowners and businesses alike, helping companies across the UK, Wales and Scotland with more sustainable options and ways to be more energy efficient, especially when this is a requirement in today’s climate. Equally, Warmable can assist landlords with making boiler choices that are more sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective, in line with the Government’s requirements to upgrade boilers to an A rating by 2025. The website also recommends a number of Government Grants which are available and can help property owners save up to £5,000 on purchasing new appliances, if approved.

Earlier this year, Warmable added new locations including Birmingham and Leicester and is hoping to move into the North-East and Scotland early next year.


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