A fund of £200,000 is being made available to carers in Manchester who need additional support as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The efforts of unpaid carers to support the most vulnerable members of society are more important than ever due to recent upheaval of everyday life.

However it has been recognised that due to the negative impact of social distancing and the economic effects of the nationwide lockdown there is a risk of unpaid carers being disproportionately affected as a result.

Jobs and livelihoods have been hugely impacted by the pandemic, which is why Manchester City Council and Manchester Health and Care Commissioning have taken steps to ensure that unpaid carers are not suffering financially as a consequence.

A fund of £200,000 will be made available for unpaid carers to apply for. It will be open for carers to ensure the ongoing health and wellbeing of both the carer and the person who needs care. This includes those households where a child of young person is the carer.

It can be used for a range of purposes including transport costs (including taxis) or fuel, furniture, emergency delivery of food and one-off practical costs to help with the caring role at this time.

Carers can receive advice about accessing this financial support from Manchester Carers Centre or their Young Carers Coordinator. Advice is also available on the Council’s website under benefits and support. The emergency fund for carers is administered through the Council’s Welfare Provision Scheme.


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